Ahter is a black Sparx island found in the Far Ocean in the southwestern hemisphere of Lumina. It is primarily a trading island and those who own land and operations there are incredibly wealthy. It is governed by one person, a Mayor, who resides in a pitch black mansion in the centre of the main city.

Ahter is a very closed-off island, and those who do manage to raise their families there often find their households empty when their children are old enough to leave. There is not very many things to do as a young person, except attend school, the library and the holy buildings. 

However, if one knows where to look, one might find the Swamp. It is quite possibly the most powerful swamp in Lumina, and many mystics try to find this place in order to harness the magic it possesses. Longevity spells, health potions, and hypnosis concoctions are but a few of the elixirs made in this place.

Ahter is home to: Guild Master Count Continuum