arcencai image card

Arcencai is the other rare multi-Sparx island. It is situated in the middle of Lumina's northern pole, and home to the Warriors Guild, Nexus Edge, and village settlements where most of the staff live. It is also known as the Rainbow Island as it is the most vibrant and colourful island in all of Lumina. The Sparx here run deep and wild, with all the Mind Seed colours ebbing and flowing, available to all Sparx-users. This makes the island the perfect place for the Warriors training academy, Nexus Edge, since the students can learn to use their abilities without worrying about running out of Sparx rations. Throughout the island at various points along the shore and in the forests are Portal Discs: flat circles made of mosaic tiles and stones. A Warrior may access these discs and be transported to another anywhere on the island. It is tradition for the top performing Nexus Edge students of the year to create the design for the next portal disc. There are also harbour towns, such as Madein Town, which are home to blacksmiths and craftsmen. The famous market beloved and attended daily by the Warriors is held in another seaside village known as Sandpiper Shore. Many Warriors stop by these towns while on duty at the academy or when reporting to the Guild. Arcencai is vast and beautiful and constantly under political and physical attack as many groups of people intend to make it their own. But the Warriors Guild are holding fast onto the island they discovered way back in 1854, and intend to keep it that way.