baba farseer bio

Known throughout the Blue Islands as ‘Baba Fate’, Farseer is something of a legend. Some would even say, myth. Not many have actually met him, and those who claim to have bring with them no proof. He is said to wander the waters on his lonesome seacraft, keeping company only with the ocean and its animals. 

Legend has it that should you be so lucky to meet him, he might use his ancient spyglass to read far into your future, revealing your fate to you. 

The Totems Aqualori, Inky Pearl, and Khepla, have kept a strong friendship with Farseer, and he has joined them on many quests over the years. 

The other warriors present on these missions have said Farseer is mysterious but well respected and incredibly perceptive. Through their tales, Farseer’s reputation has spread all across Lumina, and many people have since claimed to have seen a lone seacraft skimming the waves as a huddled figure looks across the world through a bright spyglass (although, several of these accounts give the same date with these claims, giving Baba Farseer the apparent ability to teleport as well as read the future).