DJ Tayo bio

Tayo is a student of Technomancy at Nexus Edge. He is one of the few students training in Technomancy (a newly formed guild of warriors who use technology to enhance their skills).

As a child he was praised for his musical talents, and offered multiple scholarships to study at the finest music schools around the world, but Tayo found himself fascinated by the Warriors Guild and their epic powers. He has the ability to use inventions by drawing the Sparx from the island (he doesn’t need to input Sparx physically nor use electricity- things just work for him).

However, he knew how difficult it was to get a place at Nexus Edge without magic abilities, and instead focused on refining a prototype of an invention he called ‘SoulSounder’ (a pair of headphones that can hear and process people’s rhythms to gather information about them) that he thought would be useful for spy missions. 

Tayo’s great skill at inventing, tracking and information gathering, as well as general knowledge on all things music related made him an excellent candidate for Nexus Edge and he was accepted as a trainee in the Technomancy courses. 

Since then, he has assisted in many secret spy missions, using the SoulSounder to detect hidden security, unknown persons of interests in cases, and tracking fugitives.