Duchess Amber bio

Duchess Amber is the daughter of Queen Veragard and King Harnex, and the ruler of Aurea’s South - one of the four regions making up the island Aurea.

Her full title is ‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Aurea’s South’ as she was given Aurea’s South to rule over on her 18th birthday. 

Since then, Amber has proven herself a capable and caring leader, widely beloved by the island’s occupants. 

She has a strong bond with the totem Skyla Robusta, and they often go on missions together. Amber did not attend any official training academies, but was given a recommendation from Skyla to join the Warriors Guild after she commanded her small army with grace and courage during a battle, and used her exceptional healing abilities in the aftermath. She also saved the lives of the fallen enemies that were left behind after the villains retreated, and many joined her army to serve her, finding a better life on Aurea.