Fostering Innovative Thinking

supports syllabus

The mobile game is free to download and can be played anywhere, anytime - even in school yards, during their commute or while waiting in queues. They can play in 5 minute sessions or an hour after school. All players have an equal chance to be exposed to all the content regardless of what grade they are in.

sparking curiosity
Fosters Self-Learning

Mind Blown Pods are based on topics in the Grades 4-12 syllabus. It is presented in a way that sparks curiosity, and creates an urge to know more. Educators say our players are more curious in and out of the classroom. They ask more questions, apply their minds and see things differently.

rigour of research
Rigorous Research

We have a team of researchers who check and verify every Mind Seed. We also collaborate directly with scientists, field researchers and others to be assured of the quality of the facts. We subscribe to the best Science and Nature journals and keep our finger on the pulse of discovery.

built for scale
Built For Scale

  • New Mind Seeds researched and added daily,
  • Constant communication with education experts,
  • Regular updates to keep game trendy & fresh, 
  • Global playing field
  • Multiple tournaments

From "Wow" To "Why?" To "Why Not?"

We believe that curiosity is the engine of innovation. We know that schools are challenged to make learning more responsive to the 21st Century. Therefore we created the Mind Blown ecosystem to support schools. Our design is underpinned by core principles propounded by the world’s leading education reformists, such as:

  • Abraham Flexner: Proposed the 'Usefulness of Useless Knowledge'
  • Sir Ken Robinson: Creativity and curiosity are essential to a child's development
  • Dr Sugatra Mitra: Promotes the power of self-organised learning systems
  • Astrid Lingren: Shown that children learn more from each other than from teachers
curiosity is the engine 2
curiosity is the engine
Educators Agree...

Radical intervention is need in Maths and Science and we cannot start in Grade 12. We can only have more scientists, engineers and innovators if we encourage learners when they are still in the younger grades. Using Mind Blown to encourage learning through play is an excellent start to this engagement. 

dev isaac
Dr T Isaac Science Specialist

I love it because of the learning and the social interaction. My learners who play Mind Blown are starting to interact with learners who are not in their circle of friends and they are much more alert in class. They ask more questions, engage more with content and look for their own Mind Blown Facts to wow their friends.. 

Sue Mazzoni Educator

I can see how the strategies of the Mind Blown games can be used to create an excitement to learn. We are very excited about its potential. 

Dr Henre Benson Director, CASME