Fennec the Bard Bio

Fennec is a ranger trainee at Nexus Edge, but she also comes from a long line of Bards who are the keepers of lore for Green Islands. She is exceptionally skilled at storytelling, and developed a unique style of visual storytelling through illusions she conjures from her guitar. Her great talent was praised and she was heralded as an official bard at the age of 15.

This happened alongside her training at Nexus Edge. She was scouted at the age of 13 by Coral, a Gogi who happened upon one of her performances whilst dropping off Emerald Isle’s quota of Mind Seeds. Coral was impressed by her skill and felt that her talents would be useful for missions. Fennec was enthusiastic about her warrior training, and settled comfortably into the ranger courses, becoming fast friends with Liam Tohuari, a gladiator in training also from Emerald Isle. Although she misses her home, she is very excited to become a full warrior someday!