Fossoro the First bio

Fossoro learnt quite by accident that she could access the Astral Mist (the space between atoms) of all existing things on Lumina. She can't remember exactly how she found out, but she does remember the day she learnt her own limitations. 

It was the year 2023 and she was training to dismantle heavy machinery with her friend and mentor, Erimine Sanguine. Fossoro was quite young then, only just received her title ‘Fossoro the First’ (due to her being the only person able to access the Astral Mist) and she was excited to try new things. She had only ever wanted to help people. Her missions were mainly about breaking down dangerous weaponry so that no warriors or civilians had to die. 

But she got too excited. She was eager to impress Erimine, after all it was her who suggested the title to the Council of Warriors, her who took the time and care to help her understand her own confusing powers. She just wanted to make her proud. 

There was a sapling at the edge if the training arena. It was tall, taller than her, and it was vibrant. She thought there had to be vast amounts of Astral Mist in it. How amazed Erimine would be if she could access a living thing’s Astral Mist. 

And it was so easy. The plant didn't resist, just like the machines, just the like the weapons. She hadn't broken a sweat. 

But Erimine was horrified. And rightly so - the young sapling had been ruined. Crushed under it's own weight, unable to regenerate. And the power Fossoro held in her grasp, the Astral Mist from a living thing, was too great. It was wild and out of control and before she could understand what was happening, it shot out of her hands and right through Erimine. 

And although she could pull and pull and take and take, she had not been gifted with the ability to put back. Erimine lay gasping for breath and Fosorro could only watch as her Astral Mist leaked out of her, disappearing back into the cosmos. 

Since then she has hidden herself away, keeping this terrible power inside her, hoping it never gets released.