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  • Original story and game design by Viroshen Chetty
  • All Mind Seeds are true facts, based on new research
  • New Mind Seeds are added daily!
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Eco-Guardians - Arise!

You come from an ancient tribe of warriors, and now is your time to shine. The Curiosi-Tree, which keeps the Web of Life strong, has been raided, and many species are going extinct. Gather your army of Totem Animals and battle the Raiders. Get back the precious Mind Seeds and place them in their correct pods on the Curiosi-Tree to generate Sparx that will heal the Web of Life.
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Sowing Mind seeds of innovation

Red MS_502
Discover ...
new facts from the cutting edge of Science that will blow your mind.
Green MS_101
Shift ...
your paradigms and change your perspectives.
Yellow MB

Spark ...

your curiosity about the world we live in, so you can make a difference.

MB Fact
Impress ...
your friends and family with cool facts about almost everything.
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Three Tournaments a Year. Next tournament starts 15 February 2023.
Look Who's Loving The Game

This is so much fun. I really love this game. I am learning in a new way and I remembering a lot of it. I wish my tests could be a game.

Caleb abel 2
Caleb Abel Learner

I started reading so much. The most mind blowing thing is that all these facts are true – they are not fiction. The facts are so interesting that I want to know more.  

girl-E4ZURPV 2
Kira Lazarus Learner

My head is full of these facts. Every time my son learns a new fact, he shares it with everyone – me, our pet, his granny, our neighbours and even the lady at the shop.  

Portrait of young black business lady in beautiful dress sitting on office desk and smiling
Nomaswazi Thusi Parent