Grisson bio

Archery is not an uncommon skill for the inhabitants of Murex Cay to possess. Along with spear-fishing, harpooning, and spear-throwing, archery is used as a common method for hunting. Murex Cay is home to a lot of shallow waters teeming with life, and it is here that young Grisson first trained with her bow and arrow - gifted to her by her village elder (who was also her great-grandmother). She soon learnt to hunt in the forests and on the mountains in Murex Cay, bringing back very large game- even larger than herself!

The villagers noticed her proficiency with the bow and arrow - how she seemed to be able to tell the arrow exactly where she wanted it to go, and how she never, ever missed - and convinced her to try out for Nexus Edge. The academy was incredibly far from Murex Cay, but Grisson jumped at the opportunity to make a name for herself, and hopefully put Murex Cay on the map so that the rest of her people could have a better life. She was sent off with a huge farewell when she was just 14 years old. 

Grisson graduated from Nexus Edge at 18 years old, with multiple offers for permanent spots on various teams. She quickly accepted a position on Nandi Bravefire’s team, the Storm Starters (Nandi was her mentor and close friend at the academy) and has enjoyed every second of being a warrior. 

She still makes an effort to go back to Murex Cay whenever she can.