Kian Cybershot Bio

Growing up in the bustling and ever-evolving island of Stellaros, Kian was bound to discover his love of cyber-enhancements pretty young. In fact, he built his own cybershoes at the age of 11, zipping through the city at alarming speeds, much to the annoyance of the Stellarosites. The only son of the inventors/engineers Darz and Larishka Saibertron, he was informed that he was to carry on their legacy, join the Innovators Guild, and build up Stellaros. 

However, as he grew older, Kian noticed that their island valued productivity, advancement, and progress, regardless of how much damage it was doing to the world. He tried to bring this up to his parents, but they told him that ‘progress demands sacrifice’ - something that made him sick to his stomach. 

So, at the age of 14, Kian stowed away on a transport ship, changed his name, and made it to Arcencai, where he learnt of the warrior academy, Nexus Edge. Determined to one day put a stop to harmful advancement, Kian began training as a ranger (as there were no Technomancy courses available). He graduated at 18 and worked as a ranger/unofficial Technomancer for three years before the Faction was formed. 

He developed a powerful cybersuit that gave him the ability to fly and shoot blasts of energy from his palms. The suit was designed so the blasts only latched on to the targets (using thermal imaging), with no damage to the environment around the explosion.

When he is not on missions, Kian spends his time re-calibrating existing inventions and machinery so that they consume less energy, and do less damage to the animals and plants. Though he is young, his environmental consciousness has earned him a lot of respect from the Gogis and Totems, especially Scorpius. The two of them go on a lot of missions together. 

He has not been back to Stellaros yet.