KiaSha Bio

Bria Clara is known for their spiritual people, believed to have once been part of a purple island, but split when a drop of sunlight touched the earth and broke it apart, letting the newly made island drift along the sea until it stopped in the centre of Lumina. 

The people of Bria Clara are mostly mystics, but very few of them decide to join the Warriors Guild, instead preferring to keep to themselves. 

Kia had grown up with Haga Mama’s tales of her own warrior days and longed to follow the same path. She was given a recommendation by Haga Mama to Nexus Edge, where she was accepted when she turned 16. 

Apart from studying at the academy, Kia’Sha also studied under Haga Mama’s guidance, finding a special affinity for the healing arts. She learnt to weave the energy of Sparx through living beings, practically stitching up wounds and fixing broken bones. This type of magic is very difficult to do and it takes a lot of concentration for her to do it right, but over the years she has gotten faster and faster, and has recently joined on the front lines of battles to heal her allies. 

Aside from healing, she can also weave light together to create protective shields and cocoons. This she learnt at Nexus Edge. However it is impossible for her to do both healing and protecting at the same time, so she has had to learn how to prioritise which course of action is most necessary for that moment.