Lapis Angel bio

Lapis attended a private school for Sparx-attuned innovator children on Oricha known as the Institute for The New Age. She spent her teenage years studying how to blend Sparx and technology and developed a prototype for her electric staff she calls the ‘Ocean Commander’. 

As she grew older she was offered a place in the Warriors Guild, but found she didn’t fit into any of the Factions. And then she realised there were many others like her who didn’t really fall into those Factions. She created a small team of warriors in 2995 who used technology to harness Sparx energy just like her and began a lengthy process of application for a new faction to be made. Eventually in 2998, the Technomancy Faction was approved and created, appointing Lapis as the Guild Master. 

Lapis can control a set amount of salt water with her electric staff, and has even managed to manipulate sea plants through their sap. Her battle strategies and fighting styles are very reminiscent of how the Royals carry themselves and their teams, and there are rumors that she is actually Princess Azurienna’s long lost relative. 

Lapis’ strongest allies will always be Kian Cybershot, Shadow Scribe, Dark Swan, and Rurik Rocket-Racer (her original team of Technomancers). She has a strong connection to her home and wants to incorporate more advanced technology into other islands.