MBL New Season 2023


Imagine an E-Sports League that actually makes players smarter! Actually, stop imagining: It is finally here!In the Mind Blown Game you play a Eco-Guardian who protects the magical Curiosi-Tree - that keeps bio-diversity alive. With your army of Totem Animals you battle Raiders to heal the Web of Life

  • Play anytime, anywhere, any amount of games...
  • Battle other players live, in fast and curious card battles...
  • Participate in Mind Blown eSports League to win cash prizes + the Mind Blown League Cup 
Win Cash Prizes + The MB League Cup
Heal the web of life
Take part in 3 ways:

1) Play the Mobile Tournament Only 2) Play the CCG Only 3) Play both versions

Join your school's Mind Blown Club to be eligible to play in the League Cup

High School learners at Eden College
eSports with a Difference

There's a new kind of learning available. It's fun and essential to looking at the world around you with new eyes. Mind Blown eSports League offers the excitement of playing games coupled with the competitive element of physical sports within a League of Learning. Download the free game from the Google Play Store to receive a free Starter Pack of 21 Mind Seeds and daily rewards. Start playing to win Mind Seeds and Sparx.  Your name will be automatically added to the global leader board. The player with the most Sparx at the end of 2023 will win a cash prize.

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You and a partner will play GOGI (Guardians of Gaia Isand) at least once a week from 11 August until 31 October 2023. You will use your Warriors, Totems, Equipment, Wowzers and Mind Seeds to battle Blight Beasts in order to  climb up the leaderboard. At the end of the season, the top team of two players from each school club will meet at a final to be held in Durban. The tentative date for the final is 2 December 2023. Great prizes on offer.

School Children cleaning up
Club Programme

Join your school's club and be part of a League of Learning. Each week, you will receive content to help you dig deeper into the facts that you find mind blowing. Learn how to observe, "unthink" and shift paradigms. You will have opportunities to participate in activities to "green" your home, school and community. You can also create content for the CCG. The more you participate, the more points you earn to help you level up in the game. 

Club Registration
Gamified learning

Develop Innovative, Independent Thinking Skills

Mind Blown League is an eco-system made up of a mobile game, CCG called GOGI, inter-active club programme, story and tournament. Join your school club to participate in fun activities that help you "level-up" in the CCG. These activities encourage you to think about environmental issues such as climate change and to actively look for solutions.

Cool benefits of taking part:

  • Play to win, live to learn. A true Edu-Sport tournament
  • Spend online time with your friends, learn together, and share tricks
  • Seasonal tournaments: Win great prizes 
Fun times with the mobile game
Learners at Eden College wowed by the mobile game
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I play as an individual player?

The 2023 tournament is only open to South African players in grades 5-12. You must belong to a registered school club to qualify to play. You play the mobile game as an individual. You play the CCG (card collectible game) as an individual or as part of a team. The more active you and your school club are in the Mind Blown Club Programme, the more points your school club earns. The club with the most acivity points at the end of the season is the winner of the school club prize. 

What are the Phone Specs?

You will need an Android Version 10 and internet access.

Why is the Dollar used as the currency for prizes and tournament fee in the mobile game?

The 2023 mobile game tournament is free to al Grades 5-12 learners in South Africa. However, the mobile game itself is open to players all around the world. We occasionally have Flash Tournaments open to all players. Since, the US Dollar is a standard accepted currency for international money transactions, this is the currency we use to allow players all around the world to participate. Mind Seeds Packs in our in-game shop are also open to all players and therefore purchase price is in US dollars.

How are the 2023 tournament winners chosen?

There are 4 prizes.

1. Mobile Game: The winner is the player with the most Sparx on the Tournament Leaderboard.

2. CCG: The winning team on the day of the finals based on Round-Robin and Knock-Out. 

3. CCG: The last player standing after round-robin and knock-out on the day of the finals.

4. School: The school club that has the most accumulated points for activities.

The Check our Social Media Pages, Website and In-App notifications to find out who the winners are. 

What happens to my Sparx in the mobile game once the tournament is over?

Once the tournament is over, the tournament leaderboard is locked. Your Sparx will remain on the global leaderboard. A new tournament leaderboard will be created for the next tournament. This will be unlocked when you purchase the next tournament pass.