Liam Tohuari bio

Liam is a student at Nexus Edge training to be a Gladiator. He began training at 13 years old, hoping to be the youngest warrior in the Gladiator Faction ever.

He is very ambitious and talented, but that doesn’t get in the way of his strange sense of humour and playful nature. He is known in his year as a prankster and all-around goofball. His impressive skills mean that he doesn’t work nearly as hard as the other students (he doesn’t think it is an issue but his mentors have other things to say)!

He became close friends with Fennec the Bard after learning she was also from Emerald Isle. Although she often rolls her eyes at his antics, she is equally as often roped into them, and the two are constantly in trouble with their Guild Mentors. 

He is very proud of his home and his family and can’t wait to return home with wild tales of his warrior missions! His mentor is Astrid Kaneko.