Moonwailer Bio

Moonwailer might be one of the most famous and yet mysterious warriors in all of Lumina…

No one knows if he was born as Moonwailer, or changed his name when he discovered his abilities. There are also some that believe Moonwailer was just an ordinary man until a freak accident (or…deliberate experiment?) turned him into what he is today: a wolf-like man - a half-totem. 

He has night-vision, sonic howl, claws at the end of his fingers, sharp canine teeth, and the stamina of three warriors and three wolves combined. Many people assume due to his size and brute strength that he is a Gladiator, but he is surprisingly stealthy and his attacks are neat and precise - the marks of a true Assassin.

Does he rest? Does he have a home? Does he have a family? Nobody knows…

He doesn’t talk about these things, instead spending his free time personally training struggling students at Nexus Edge, and scouting for potential new warriors. His friends are his pack, and he is fiercely protective of the Warriors Guild. 

The students of Nexus Edge find him scary at first, but soon realise that he is more puppy than wolf! And the warriors, well, they are just glad he is fighting with them instead of against them!