Murex Cay

Murex Cay is a small purple Sparx island situated in the southwestern hemisphere of Lumina in the Far Ocean.

It is governed by the village elders, including Grisson's great-grandmother. Known for its skilled archers and hunters, the people who live here are incredibly good at surviving in sparse environments. The shallow waters are teeming with fish, and it is here that young hunters develop their skills.

Although the island is in the Far Ocean, it is close to the icy Kiesah Sea as well, and the cold winds blow almost year-round. Sometimes during Calikoea, the shoreline freezes over in tiny sparkling shards of ice. It is a tradition for the children of Murex Cay to collect as much of this frost as they can carry, and then proceed to throw it in the air and dance underneath.

Murex Cay is home to:

Grisson Arkerra