Nandi Bravefire Bio

Nandi is the only daughter of King Tafari and Queen Adanna. Her older brother, Prince Sekani, is heir to the throne and so she has never been interested in ruling, rather spending her time becoming a warrior. Her people refer to her as the ‘Warrior Princess’, a title that used to be an insult when she was younger, but since she’s become an important figure in the Warriors Guild, it became something they shouted from their windows to welcome her home. 

Nandi is also the leader of the Storm Starters, a position she does not take lightly. Her Gogi friend, Micah, was one of the people who convinced her family to let her study at Nexus Edge. The Totems Ash Bone the Phoenix, and Zaru the Lion, also helped her to start her journey of becoming a warrior. 

Although she has had a rough relationship with her homeland, she has since learnt how to be herself while still honouring her family’s legacy. 

Nandi spends most of her days being the Princess Captain of the Thunder Chaser (her team’s seacraft) and completing missions meant for the most elite warriors. She loves her team with all her heart and her secret wish is that should the day come when they must retire, they all decide to retire in The Rapturous Reefs.