Octotavia Bio

Octotavia comes from a very unique island- the Tungu Caves. The island is mostly made up of underwater sea caves and the people have a strong connection to the ocean and Sea Totems (some islanders even have totem-like features!).

From a young age, Octotavia was taught the importance of looking after the sea and its lifeforms, and when she learnt she had the ability to make weapons using the ocean water, she knew she was meant to be a warrior. 

One day, when Octotavia was 12 years old, a group of bandits arrived on the shores of the Tungu Caves. It wasn’t long before they began gutting the precious sea animals and polluting the waters with their disgusting fumes. They were greedy and violent and Octotavia knew she had to do something. So one night she snuck out from her house and swam over to their ships. The water formed a dagger in her hands and by the morning, no ship remained. 

The bandits (those that hadn’t been sleeping in their ships and were therefore still alive) wouldn’t go that easily, though. And so this was when Octotavia discovered another ability of hers: combat. 

The blight that plagued the Tungu Caves was stopped by one small, brave girl - and she would go on to join the Warriors Guild, freeing islands from human viruses, and keeping the balance of nature.