Reese Riley Bio

Reese is a trainee at Nexus Edge, and she hopes she graduates soon because she is itching to join a permanent Warriors Guild team!

She has ability to control poisonous vapours, sap, fog, and dust secreted by plants. Her ability also allows her to control the amount of toxins in each wave she releases …which means she sometimes uses her ability for fun. If a party is particularly boring, usually she will release a light wave of vapours from certain fruit plants, causing her friends and her to giggle uncontrollably at the slightest thing. She is not immune to her own poisons and has, on more than one occasion, had a student turn the poison back on her, resulting in many a night resting in the school’s infirmary. 

Reese is a big fan of Satine Temple, an assassin who occasionally teaches classes at Nexus Edge. More than once she has snuck into Satine’s lessons, releasing a very small amount of Hazy Dust, a pollen from a plant that if consumed will permanently blind you. By controlling the toxicity of the Hazy Dust, she has been able to trick the students (and Satine herself) into seeing her as someone else. This little stunt doesn't always work, though...

She has all the makings of an assassin, but lacks the patience and care required to become one. She has resigned to becoming a Mystic instead, and hopefully one day being able to work on a team entirely composed of assassins!

Mentor: Mieke