Rubruam is a red Sparx island in the northeastern hemisphere of Lumina, in the Marmuru Ocean.

The island is known for its volcanic terrain, and the people are well-accustomed and prepared for eruptions. Despite its harsh environment, it is quite beautiful in the Calikoea weeks. It doesn't snow, of course, but the colder temperatures allow large red flowers to bloom, usually along the lips of the volcanoes. This is a major event on Rubruam, and many tourists come from all over Lumina to witness it.
Rubruam also boasts a number of hot springs that are safe enough to swim in during Calikoea.

The vegetation here grows incredibly fast. The plants are all hardy and strong, and can regrow over the igneous rock in a matter of weeks.

The people who live here are some of the toughest, warmest people you will ever meet.

Rubruam is home to:

Captain Ginger

Rurik Rocket-Racer