Shadow Scribe Bio

Shadow Scribe trained as an assassin from the year 2966 until he graduated in 2969, at the age of 18. His previous name was Code Shadow and he worked on various missions using his cyberchip, remotely hacking into facilities and downloading their data. However, he soon invented a pen-like device that could harness the power of Sparx to rewrite digital code, allowing him to change the nature of a machine or weapon from a distance!

This takes a while, though, as he essentially has to recode everything, and he has limitation on how far away he can be from the target. 
He changed his name to Shadow Scribe at the age of 21.

With his skills and inventions, he was approached by Lapis Angel to join her Technomancy team. He gladly accepted - always feeling like he wasn’t meant for the assassin life. He was 44 at the time, and a casual teacher at Nexus Edge. 

Shadow Scribe helped with a lot of the proposition work, proving his skill as an actual scribe as well!

Apart from his career life, he as also became close with a former team member Satine Temple.