The Lady Kuvera Bio

Although Kuvera did not attend any official training academy, she was given a place in the Warriors Guild after single-handedly defeating invaders on her homeland when she was 20. Her attacks were relentless and strong, and the invaders fell surprisingly quickly. News spread of the resounding victory, and soon the Guild Master for the Royal Faction approached her with an invitation to join the Guild. 

She initially declined, wanting to pursue her own career as a Princess Knight, but when the BlightBeast Plasticia washed up on the shores and began destroying her homeland, Kuvera knew she had to put a stop to the attacks once and for all. She joined the Guild and swiftly began making changes within her own land, and ruthlessly destroying the sources of the BlightBeast attacks on other islands. 

She does what she wants, when she wants, leaving a trail of enemies behind her. To many islands she is known as the ‘Fire Knight’, and it is only her powerful royal connections that have kept her out of serious legal trouble. 

Despite her impressive skills, many warriors avoid being on her missions as she is the exact opposite of a team player, preferring to do everything her way. Sometimes, the guild wishes she wasn’t one of their warriors…!

Her powers are strangely nature-related: she can create bright red flowers from her fingertips that catch alight once they touch their targets, lighting them on fire. She also has the ability to heal dry, scorched earth - essentially fixing what her own powers destroyed.  She cares deeply for Lumina and has no sympathy for people who harm it