Verona Windfeather Bio

Verona is the great-great granddaughter of Haga Mama.

She has the cool ability to split her arrows upon firing them, creating a barrage of smaller arrows from a single shot.

She is graceful and agile - dodging and weaving as if the battle is just a dance. 

She is well loved by all the totems, especially Kavitha. She is also treated like an honorary Gogi, visiting them more often than anyone else ever has. Her love for the natural world and the human world make her a good candidate to train to become a Gogi, but she has yet to master the mycelium network that connects the islands. 

She loves her home, but hasn’t been back in a long time as her missions get longer and longer - sometimes taking months to complete.

Verona loves meeting the new students of Nexus Edge, and they all love her. 

She has a zero-death policy, and can’t understand why there has to be an Assassins Faction.